Neat Pad is an elegant controller with two roles. It is a touch screen that you can configure as a controller or scheduling display across all of meeting spaces.

Neat Pad is included with Neat Bar and Neat Bar Pro, but can also be purchased separately.

Give your IT guy a break. With Neat, you control the conference room

Just unbox and start using

No need to buy components separately; everything you need to connect the Neat Pad to your TV or monitor is in the box.

Easy to set up and operate

No more calling your IT guy in the middle of a meeting. Neat Pad is easy for anyone to install and set up.

One touch 2 roles

Controller and scheduler display.

What else can the Neat Pad do?

All kinds of cool stuff!

Just Works

When configured as a controller, Neat Pad ensures your meeting room is always ready. You can add multiple Neat Pads so that everyone has access to its controls from anywhere around the table

Just Works

Just Works

Control the meeting with just one tap

As a controller, Neat Pad enables you to quickly start your meetings and share your screen with just one tap. It also allows you to invite participants, mute them if necessary or record your meetings.

Control the meeting with just one tap

Control the meeting with just one tap


8″ HD

touch screen


Status indication

Wireless sharing






Light sensor

Orientation sensor

Air quality sensor

See full specs

Neat Pad is our dedicated touch control for meetings that doubles as a room availability display.

* Feature not yet supported by Microsoft Teams
** Supported in future software update

Electrical and environmental requirements

Networking & ports

Size & weight

What's in the box

What you need

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