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Designed for the flexible future of work, Neat Board 50 swiftly adapts to you whenever, wherever and in whatever way you need to meet or express your ideas.

Give your IT guy a break. With Neat, you control the conference room

Just unbox and start using

No need to buy components separately; everything you need to connect the Neat Board to your TV or monitor is in the box.

Easy to set up and operate

No more calling your IT guy in the middle of a meeting. Neat Board is easy for anyone to install and set up.

Remote control and schedule with pad

The Board comes with a dynamic touch screen that you can configure as a controller or scheduler


Dynamic, accessible and on wheels. Mount it or move it wherever you want, whenever you want.

What else can the Neat Board 50 do?
All kinds of cool stuff!

All kinds of cool stuff!

The camera follows you wherever
you go

A full HD smart camera can monitor those present in the conference room and focus on a different speaker each time.

The camera follows you wherever you go

The camera follows you wherever you go

See everyone equally on the screen

Breakthrough technology enables remote participants to see everyone in the meeting room equally and up close for enhanced engagement like never before.

See everyone equally on the screen

See everyone equally on the screen

Adaptive stand.

The adaptive stand is unique to Neat Board 50 and brings greater-than-ever accessibility and freedom to your meetings. Besides allowing you to move the device from space to space, it enables anyone to adjust the screen up or down for optimal use and viewing.

Adaptive stand.

Adaptive stand.

More on the

Neat Board 50 comes with Neat Active Marker for the perfect amount of friction and immediate response to write, markup or sketch as you naturally would, helping infuse more personality into your creative workshops or presentations. No pairing or charging is required.

More on the mark.

More on the mark.



4K multi-touch LED

120° FOV
Wide angle camera

12 MP

Capture resolution

Digital Zoom

4 mic array

Opposing drivers

Neat Active Marker


Air quality sensor

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Electrical and environmental requirements

Networking & ports

Size & weight

Neat Active Marker

In the box

Optional extras

Box weights and dimensions

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