Zoom Phone – 8 Reasons Why Office Managers Love It

Office managers play a crucial role in the functioning of organizations. This multitasking role requires technological solutions to deal with a variety of functions, whether it is simplifying tasks, dealing with administrative duties, coordinating between departments, or onboarding new employees.

Office managers been delighted to discover how using Zoom Phone can free them from administrative tasks, and improve the efficiency of regular tasks, from increased productivity to daily communication needs and streamlining workloads.

Here are the top 8 reasons given why office managers love to use Zoom Phone:

1. Effortless management

Zoom Phone allows users to provision accounts and remove or assign additional call packages in the admin portal. This can save valuable time changing permissions and streamlining day-to-day management of employees. If you use Zoom Phone alongside Zoom Meetings, then you can use one central dashboard to easily manage users rather jumping between different interfaces.

2. Simplified communication

You can use the auto attendant ability to ensure customers can easily reach a specific contact without needing to press several options and having to connect to the operator. Using the business hours option allows you to configure out of hours service options to assist when customers call outside of regular hours.

3. Easy problem resolution

Using the Zoom dashboard allows office managers to use the diagnostic tools which helps drastically cut down on time spent diagnosing performance issues. Checks can also be carried out on call performance and can identify if the problem can be rectified with a simple fix or will require further expertise from IT support.

4. Voicemail transcription

Using Voicemail transcription allows you to quickly prioritize which calls are the most urgent to respond to rather than listening to each one individually before responding. This can be accessed via your emails and allows you to quickly view and sort your voice messages to ensure that the most urgent calls are prioritized.

5. Phone call delegation

Using Zoom Phone allows you to make and receive calls on behalf of others which frees up your time and of other managers. Call delegation ensures phone calls are managed effortlessly and limits the need to disturb an executive unnecessarily.

6. Remote management

You can sign in and manage your Zoom Phone directory and admin privileges from anywhere with an active internet connection. This gives you the option to manage teams remotely and easily from the comfort of your own home.

7. Work-life separation

Using Zoom Phone’s business hours features allows you to leave work at the office and have a more balanced work-life separation. You can set your phone so that it does not ring after your work hours which ensures you can have undisturbed time with your friends and family. You can use your personal mobile device and make calls via the Zoom Phone app allowing your personal number to be kept private.

8. Easy access to company directory

Zoom Phone has a simple directory where instead of having to memorize numbers you can search with a colleague’s name for their contact details. This not only allows you to find numbers quickly and easily but also identifies if they are available for a call, already on the phone or currently unavailable.


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