Online Classrooms designed for Zoom Rooms by Neat for the New Virtual Learning World

In an ever-changing world, 2020 has seen an unprecedented level since the arrival of COVID-19. Along with numerous organizations around the world, Zoom Rooms have teamed up with Neat to provide a solution to create a dynamic learning environment. They recognized the importance of the education setting and set out to design a high grade in-class experience for all virtual students.

Neat bar is a device which looks like a sound bar and acts as a camera and microphone. It is mounted at eye level to provide an in-class experience for all remote students. The camera can track movement around the room, allows the entire room to be viewed and sound picked up from anywhere in it. It an affordable solution as well as a simple tool for teachers to operate and will connect at the touch of a button.

This is already being widely used across many schools in the United States. Zoom provided a case study from Katherine Delmar Burke School (Burke’s) to show how it can transform a classroom into a seamless virtual learning environment.

In this case study from Zoom, we learn from Mike Matthews who is the Director of Program Innovation at Burke’s. He describes how their organization was able to affordably reshape this hybrid learning experience using Zoom and Neat hardware and transform its campus to deliver the same exceptional academic experience to all students.

Simple, cost effective and easy-to-use video solution

Matthews quickly learnt in order to provide the exceptional experience that they were used to providing came at a cost. The majority of current virtual learning solutions that provided that experience cost over $100,000 for individual classrooms. Matthews learnt that Zoom were recommending the Neat Bar as a classroom hardware option and after a trial period, he concluded that the combined Neat and Zoom Rooms solution was an affordable option to meet Burkes’ requirements.

Neat Bar creates endless classroom possibilities

Matthews advised that once they had assessed the ease of deployment and useability for staff along with affordability, they decided to order their first Neat Bar. They tested it out, and then presented the system to the leadership team. There was this huge excitement as they realized the potential this hardware had in revolutionizing the virtual experience that they were looking at creating. They could all see the possibilities of how they would be able to create an inclusive community environment for staff and students.

Matthews said “We wanted to provide the quality of the experience we could provide in person in virtual environment. Most importantly we wanted crystal clear audio and video quality to ensure our students felt engaged and they would participate more. The technology also had to be simple to learn and we didn’t want to have to burden staff with complex procedures. Zoom and Neat Bar offers all of this and more.” Neat Bar devices self-activate when staff enter the room and through the Neat Pad they can share any written or visual content, such as whiteboard annotations.

Allowing a seamless teaching experience

Since the onset of COVID-19, Burke’s has been redesigned to create environment which protects the health and safety of its teachers to ensure they can provide an exceptional virtual learning experience using Neat + Zoom.

When speaking to Matthews, he said “All classrooms have been repurposed and installed with Neat Bars,” Matthews went on to say. “Even our cafeteria has split and turned into multiple Neat Bar Zoom classrooms! All our staff have been provided with training to learn the fantastic features which the Near Bar offers and their rooms have been set up so they can just walk into a room, pick up their Neat Pad and start the next lesson in one click.”

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